OpenText RightFax 16.4

New Administrative Features

Host: Jeff Kunstler – VP of Technical Services | Video Duration: 03:09

In the latest release, administrators can benefit from reduced complexity, gain the ability to manage delegate rights for users from EFM, and more.

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Features & Overview

 Shared Services

  • Server Configuration
    • All servers will look to a configurable central location for SR deployment packages
  • Applied Updates
    • RightFax applies the update throughout the environment ensuring that all servers are up to date and utilizing the SR

 SQL Image Storage Module

  • SQL Database Storage
    • Reduce the cost and complexity of a RightFax implementation without requiring separate hard disk space.
  • High Availability
    • Utilize existing SQL infrastructure for high availability with log shipping, availability groups, and always on failover clustering

 Updated MFP Integrations

  • Simplified Touch Panel Interface – Just like using a fax machine
    • Punch in the fax number
    • Hit “Send”
  • Unified Touch Panel Interface – Same interface regardless of device manufacturer
    • Ricoh
    • Konica Minolta
    • Cannon
    • Sharp
  • Secure file transfer between device and server
  • Detect new MFPs and add them to RightFax directly in the new Web Admin Tool

 New Administrative Features

  • Shared Services Updates
    • All servers in a Collective will look to a configurable central location for Service Release deployment packages
    • RightFax applies the update throughout the environment ensuring that all servers are up to date and utilizing the Service Release
  • Delegate Rights
    • Manage delegate rights for users from EFM without needing to login to FaxUtil to assign delegate rights
  • Disable/Enable User Accounts
    • Temporarily disable/enable RightFax user accounts
    • Sync account status from Active Directory into RightFax
  • Retry Settings
    • Separate retry settings for different transmission results

Upgrade Your RightFax System

If you are running a version of RightFax that is in Sustaining Maintenance, 10.5 or earlier, we should talk about getting you upgraded to a fully supported version.

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