OpenText RightFax 16.4

New User Experience Features

Host: Jeff Kunstler – VP of Technical Services | Video Duration: 08:13

In the latest release, users can display thumbnails of faxed documents, keep faxes in user inboxes indefinitely, and more.

RightFax 16.4: New Features & Recommendations

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Features & Overview

 Content Search

  • OCR & Search
    • Users can store OCR content of inbound/outbound faxes directly in RightFax database
  • Keyword Functionality
    • Improved functionality for RightFax to search fax metadata or transactional data

 Fax Viewer Thumbnails

  • Quick Navigation
    • Users can now display thumbnails of faxed documents to quickly view or navigate the contents of a fax
  • Improved Visibility
    • Visibility into faxed content is improved with thumbnail previews of all pages in the fax document

 Updated RightFax Archive

  • Add-on Module
  • Improved Accessibility
    • Maintain existing permissions-based access
    • Access archived fax documents utilizing search functionalit within archive folder
  • Automatic Fax Archiving
    • Keep faxes in user inboxes indefinitely
    • Faxes are now automatically saved to an archive database once faxes reach a configurable age threshold

Upgrade Your RightFax System

If you are running a version of RightFax that is in Sustaining Maintenance, 10.5 or earlier, we should talk about getting you upgraded to a fully supported version.

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