OpenText™ RightFax: The Market-Leading Fax Server Solution

New Release: Version 16.6 

What is OpenText RightFax?

RightFax is the premiere enterprise fax server solution, with on-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployment options. As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax integrates with most desktop and business applications, including most EMR systems, to maximize employee productivity, improve information security, decrease paper-related costs and security risks associated with stand-alone fax machines.

Streamline Workflows

Improve Security and Compliance

Cloud and Hybrid Options

Enhance your Business Processes with RightFax

  • Reduce costs of standalone fax machines
  • Integrates with a wide range of applications
  • Prevent costly systems disruptions
  • Ensure secure document delivery

How RightFax Works

The RightFax fax server operates similarly to an email server by allowing you to send and receive documents electronically and eliminating the need for costly, stand-alone fax machines. It allows you to send faxes from multi-function printers (MFPs), desktop applications, email applications, any third-party application such as Office 365 or an EMR system.

Sending and Receiving Faxes

Method Received Faxes / Inbound Delivery Sent Faxes / Outbound Integrations

Need an easy way to receive your faxes?

Received faxes can be delivered directly to your email inbox as an easy to use PDF.

Can you attach a file to an email?

You can send it as a fax directly from your standard email client, like Outlook.


Want access to your faxes from anywhere?

Users can login and securely retrieve their faxes using our Web Client. 

Need to securely send faxes from anywhere?

The RightFax Web Client allows users to safely upload files and send faxes through a browser.


Have a power user or a high volume/complicated fax process?

The RightFax desktop software allows users to receive, forward, route, split pages and more. 

Can you print a document?

RightFax allows you to fax directly from almost any application just by printing your document with the Virtual Fax Printer.


Still need a hard copy?

No problem! Have your faxes printed to any print device on your network

Need to fax from an MFP/Scanner?

With many MFP connectors to choose from, if you can scan it, you can Fax it!


Have a program that needs to consume inbound faxes?

RightFax can automate that process allowing inbound faxes to programmatically or manually be uploaded right to your application.

Need to integrate faxing into a larger system?

RightFax offers multiple APIs that allow you to integrate and fax enable your custom applications.

Want to learn more about RightFax?

RightFax Implementation: The first 10 questions to ask

Did you know? RightFax is 100% software and supports Virtual Server deployments – that means no more physical fax boards or physical servers.

Desktop/Internal Systems Integrations
  1. Do you want to send and receive faxes from email?
  2. What software do you need to integrate with RightFax?
  3. What are your current document transmission processes?
RightFax Environment
  1. Will you install on a virtual or physical server?
  2. Where will the data be stored?
  3. Do you need to build in redundancy?
Gateway/Telephony Options
  1. How will you connect RightFax to your phone system?
  2. Do you need to send from multiple geographic locations?
  3. What is your path to the PTSN?
  4. Analog? Digital? VoIP?

RightFax Modules & Connectors


Take advantage of RightFax integrations with applications and systems including RightFax Cloud options and SIP solutions. RightFax features a flexible, extendable architecture that lets you choose add-on modules and connecters to suit the needs of your business.

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Redundancy and Disaster Recovery – Why it Matters


Communication systems disruptions, even minor, can have a significant impact on your business. Electrical outages, telecommunications equipment failures, catastrophic events can cause your primary fax server to fail and become unavailable to send, receive and manage your communications. No matter what the cause, unplanned downtime of your fax server can have devastating consequences to your business and your profitability.

Examples of different RightFax system design strategies that will enhance Disaster Recovery and promote High Availability

Single RightFax Server

•No Redundancy
•Multiple Single Points of Failure

Single Server with Cold Spare

•Simple Redundancy
•Manual Cut-Over Process

RightFax Collective

•Load Balancing
•Up to 12 Servers
•Shared Services  Module required
•No interruption when one server goes down

Geo Redundancy RightFax Collective

•Multiple Data Centers
•High-speed IP-based Communication
•Added Layer of Redundancy

Professional Services and Support


Advantage provides professional services ranging from RightFax project planning, standby support, to system design and implementation. Our expertise covers Fax-over-IP (FoIP), fax gateways , fax virtualization, RightFax Shared Services, least-cost routing (LCR), Cisco fax, Avaya, ShoreTel, Mitel, and MFP fax integrations. Our U.S. based helpdesk is staffed by certified RightFax engineers that are available to assist you Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time). 24/7 support plans are available.

Why Choose Advantage for Your Professional Services and Support?

Proven Expertise

We installed the first high-availability clustered RightFax solution more than 16 years ago and we have never looked back. Our team of experts now performs more than 100 installations every year. It’s no surprise that Fortune 1000 companies, major hospitals, and national government agencies regularly turn to Advantage for help with RightFax, Fax Over IP (FoIP) and related integrations.


Clients that work with us find a dedicated group of professionals ready to help them move through projects as quickly and efficiently as possible while effectively communicating every step of the way. We utilize detailed statements of work (SOW) to make sure all important points are understood before we start the project. Fixed fee engagements ensure you get what you pay for— results!

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. On our websites, phone, and via email forms you may be asked for personal information (name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc). The information that you provide us will help us serve your requests for product information and pricing. We do not sell or distribute any of your information to marketing firms or any other third party. To facilitate your requests we will share pertinent information, as required, with the related manufacturer.

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